Updated: March 19, 2020 at 3:44PM

Leadership Teams

The University’s response to coronavirus is coordinated by the Emergency Policy Committee and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) management team. The Policy Committee oversees the operations of the EOC and reports to University leadership — University President Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., Charles and Jill Fischer Provost Thomas G. Burish, and Executive Vice President Shannon B. Cullinan — who make all final decisions related to Notre Dame's responses to the outbreak. In addition to its standing committee members, the Policy Committee includes ad hoc members to advise on specific emergencies. Members of the EOC come from multiple units across campus and have been closely monitoring coronavirus developments since January.

Emergency Policy Committee

Standing Committee Members

Ad hoc members


Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Management Center 

  • Leader: Mike Seamon
  • Deputy Leaders: Keri Kei Shibata, Tracy Skibins

Human Life Team

  • University Health Services: Christine Caron Gebhardt
  • Wellness Center: Dr. Ben Garman, MD
    • Subcommittee:
    • Medical Health Team: Cindy Schwartz, RN, BSN, Melanie Smith, RN, Dr. Kathy Cox-Cohoon, MD
    • State and Local Health Officials: Dr. Mark Fox, MD, PhD, MPH
    • Nancy Pemberton, RN
  • Student Affairs: Brian Coughlin, Christine Caron Gebhardt
  • Residential Life: Jonathan Retartha
  • Human Resources: Denise Murphy, Scott Hershberger    
  • Athletics: Jody Sadler, Jenny Borg, Katie Kapps    
  • Campus Safety: Keri Kei Shibata, Bruce Harrison, Eric Kloss
  • Notre Dame International: Jaime Signoracci, Hong Zhu, Joya Helmuth

Planning and Logistics Team

  • Campus Dining: Chris Abayasinghe
  • Building Services: Chris Hatfield, Jeff Edgerly
  • Planning, Design, and Construction: Doug Marsh, Paul Kempf, Heather Christophersen    
  • University Operations: Deanna Ponsler    
  • OIT: Katie Rose, Tracy Weber
  • University Enterprises and Events: Jill Eysol
  • Anthony Travel: Mary Kowalski

Public Affairs and Communications

  • Government Relations (Federal, State, Local): Paul Browne, Laura McAleer, Tim Sexton
  • News and Media Relations: Dennis Brown, Sue Ryan, Amanda Skofstad, Andy Fuller
  • Notre Dame International: Colleen Wilcox
  • PIO: Dennis Brown
  • Marketing Communications: Cidni Sanders, Erik Runyon, John Slott
  • Internal Communications: Gwen O'Brien

Information and Technology

  • OIT: Katie Rose, Tracy Weber

Finance and Administration

  • Accounting and Financial Services: Drew Paluf, Jason Little, Kyle Johnson


  • Campus Safety and University Operations: Lee Towne